MLB / World Series MVP Predictions

When it comes to World Series Predictions, the MVP should go to the keystone player of the Toronto Blue Jays, Josh Donaldson.

All things considered, the best player in baseball has been the Angels’ Mike Trout. Since the Angels are out of the running, of course, that leaves his veritable doppelganger to take the MVP laurel. Josh Donaldson has had an impeccable season. Like Trout, Donaldson is one of the division leaders in RBIs, XBH, runs, and OPs. He is an excellent home run hitter and a golden glove third-baseman. Josh Donaldson is also a morale-booster for Toronto, and has been very vocal with his lineup about wanting to win it all in the past couple of months.

Finally, with the deep batting lineup available to the Blue Jays, one might assume that the team would be able to function just fine without Josh Donaldson, but this is not the case. Donaldson is an integral part of the lineup; in fact, he’s the one guy that Toronto can’t afford to lose. Ever since late July, Josh Donaldson has been rallying with the Blue Jays to solidify their standings in the AL: seven home runs, five doubles and 19 RBIs. He’s first in the league in base hits (61), homers (31), and doubles (30), and he rivals the best in the number of RBIs (87), his slugging percentage (.560), and his OPS (.921). And since the start of the postseason, he’s been racking up the numbers, with his solid hits and RBIs, and an OBP of .412. As a fielder, though, he has had a few throwing errors as in previous seasons. His wealth of agility sets him a cut-above other elite players.

Undoubtedly, the World Series MVP Prediction goes to Josh Donaldson. It’s impossible to ignore his post-season tenacity, and his hunger for victory is undeniable. For more sports predictions check out The Machines Picks.