Can the Yankees rise back to prominence?

As it always in New York, the pressure is on the new your Yankees again. (Well, obviously, nobody will put the pressure on the Mets...) but nevertheless the greatest team in Baseball, and in the city of new York, hasn't won anything since the 2009 season, and while it is only 5 years running now, that is just too much for Yankees fans in New York and around the world, and i happen to agree with them completely. Big stein has gone, and his sons are trying to continue the legacy, not so successfully thus far.

It is always interesting in the big apple, and after a good season (relatively) all eyes are again on the Bronx to see if the Yankee brass can pull it of and make a run for the trophy once more. The latest signing of Carlos Beltran, and Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka for $155m(!) no less according to sources, is the prized free agents who should help the yanks again. But the big story this off season has to be Derek Jeter, and his final year playing for the Yankees.

Jeter, the hero of so many games, who brought or helped bring so many championships to new York, will play his final season and the fans are hungry, waiting and hoping he will retire as a champ once more, ending the five year drought with a huge uplift to his already hall of fame career. Off course the absence of one, Alex Rodriguez, once the Kind of all of Baseball and one of the best players to ever play baseball, and this days, a persona non grate in the Bronx (and in the league) can't help too much, but they will simply have to win without him.

Looks like the yanks are on the up again, and with the guidance of management and the help of the fans, more smiles surly to come this upcoming fall.