Highest Paid MLB players

Baseball has proven itself to be an all American favorite pastime. Major League Baseball or MLB is a professional league in baseball. This league is made up of 30 teams with 29 representing the United States and only one team representing Canada. In 2011, this sport had the most attendance than any other sport league. Even with the economic blows, many individuals, teams, and players have still been able to profit from this sport. Continue to read below to see the highest paid players for 2012. You will also learn the 2013 prediction of highest paid players among the MLB teams. Take note that the figure is the salary and not the overall figure of the contract.

New York Yankees has three players who are among the top five highest paid players. Alex Rodriguez from this team is the highest paid with a salary of $30 million. He is also the highest in MLB 2012. Mark Teixeira and CC Sabathia are the other highest paid players from the Yankees. Since they have three highest paid players, this team is at times criticized since their payroll exceeds more than the value of some of the teams.

For the 2012 standing, Rodriguez is followed by Vernon Wells from Los Angeles Angels receiving $24,187,500. Johan Santana from the Mets follows closely with a salary of $23,145,011.

There is already a prediction of the highest paid players for 2013. One of the predictions is that Rodriguez will continue to be the highest paid player and Johan Santana will bump Vernon Wells by grabbing the 2nd highest paid slot. Cliff Lee from the Phillies will take the third slot followed by Vernon Wells.

Getting player stats and the prediction of how teams will play is already being studied so that those who plan to find a way to gain profit from this favorite pastime sport will have the right details to consider.