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Why Play Bingo?

The best way to play bingo is for fun. A recent survey suggests that around three million people play bingo each week in the UK. For many people Bingo is their favorite online and offline game. However Bingo can have an image of being unfashionable by non bingo players which is an unfair accusation.

Bingo shouldn't be dismissed - as it has been in the past. Apart from the fun of the game, some surprising new evidence has emerged from The Department of Psychology at Southampton University about some previously unknown benefits of playing Bingo.

The University has been testing bingo players' ability to juggle numbers. The tests took place over a year and came up with some interesting results. 112 people were put in 2 groups aged 18 to 40, and others were aged over 60. Half of each group had been playing bingo, and the other half had not.

The study has shown that bingo players were quicker and had greater accuracy than those who didn't play the game and in some jobs the groups were set; older players did better than their more youthful players.

Both younger and older players were able to achieve the same level of performance and age was not a barrier to the skill level in playing the game.

It seems that playing bingo can actually delay the decline of mental faculties such as speed, pattern recognition and accuracy. Games that use these parts of the brain help maintain your mental abilities and will keep your brain functioning in later life. So playing bingo might be a way of helping to keep the mind active as well as just being a lot of fun!

2011 no deposit bingo sites

If you like playing a variety of bingo games and don’t want to spend too much money on these games, then you should look at the different no deposit bingo sites that are available. 2011 has been a great year for new no deposit bingo sites, and amongst these 2011 no deposit bingo sites like Tea Time Bingo, we can see many new features that make bingo more interesting and exciting to play (like you needed an excuse!).

The first of the best 2011 no deposit bingo sites is Polo Bingo. This is a fun site where you can find daily free plays of games where you can have the chance of winning the jackpot prize too. Each week, you can even play a free bingo game and be in with the chance of winning a huge £2000 prize too.

For an interesting social networking experience when you are playing bingo, one of the most sociable of the 2011 no deposit bingo sites is called gossip bingo. This site allows you to read some gossip news as well as chat to friends and upload pictures too. This site has really harnessed the power of social networking and allows you to take advantage of some great bonuses too. Without even needing to make a single deposit, you can play several of the free games on this site. When you do make a deposit, you will be able to get 250% of your deposit back and a further 50% for all of the deposits that you make after your first deposit. This is a fun site that offers casino style games along with all the usual bingo games that you would expect from a great bingo site.

One of the most unusual 2011 no deposit bingo sites is called bingo cams. This site makes use of the webcam that is built into most people’s computer these days. You may have a web cam that is built into your laptop or desktop monitor or else you may have a USB camera that you need to position near to your computer when you want to use it. This site takes a video clip of player’s winning moments and at the end of each month, there is a prize for the most amusing winning moment. When you sign up to the site, you get a free £5 bonus to play with so that you can play all the games on the site, and you can even be entered in the monthly video prize draw too. You can win decent prizes on the site as well as being able to have video chats with the other members on the site, and even play games in the chat rooms with the live hosts too.

Other sites offering great no deposit bonuses include ruby bingo where you can get £16 and 300% when you make your first deposit. Red bus bingo allows you to play a free game each day that offers you the chance to win £1000 too.

With so many great 2011 no deposit bingo sites, there is little reason why you would ever need to spend any money to win a prize on a 2011 bingo site.

Where Does The Best MLB Video Games Ranked ?

Amongst the top 10 sports video games, EA’s MLB 2010 ranks at no. 10 based on popularity and sales figures. The real NFL games have 2 game plays – the actual action on the field and then there is the management mode. The sports video game includes both these and the third inclusion is the “owner mode” through which one can purchase one of the MLB franchisee and be a part of the hype by shaping the team as per their liking. This includes signups, trades to regulating the prices of hotdogs. The recent enhancement to this was the training camp mode which attracted further interest to the game.

The 9th position in the Top 10 list of sports video games is taken by another great baseball game where stunting is absolutely legal. This game is designed on the Pro series and the experience includes free roaming environments, time based competitions, stick tricks, hang time etc. The sports video games are quite popular for its smooth game play, excellent soundtrack and fun characters. The 8th position goes to MLB Street Volume 2 which has all the jam pioneered by MLB along with specialties like 3-D spin. The game contains 29 Baseball teams with 26 legends and all the mayhem that the real game provides.

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